皇冠app下载金融保护局(局)资讯质量指引乃根据2001财政年度国库及一般政府拨款法之规定而发出, pub. L. No. 106-554(“法案”)和OMB政府范围内的指导.

The administrative correction mechanisms outlined in the guidelines apply to information disseminated by the Bureau on or after the date of publication, 不管信息是什么时候开始传播的. 这些指引为本局员工提供政策及程序指引,并让公众了解本局更正已公布资料的政策及程序.

Information Quality and Peer Review Disclaimer: After review of the information disseminated by Bureau, the Bureau does not believe that it currently produces or sponsors the distribution of influential scientific, financial, or statistical information within the definitions promulgated by OMB, and does not at this time have material to post in accordance with OMB’s Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review.

The Bureau disseminates a variety of information to the public, 包括皇冠app下载稿, publications, 特殊技术报告. Section 515 of the Act requires federal agencies to issue guidelines ensuring and maximizing the quality, 偏好, objectivity, 和完整性 of disseminated information and to provide the public with an administrative means for correction of information disseminated by the Bureau.


此时,亚搏体育官方网站已经收到了两个优质的信息 修正请求:

  • the first request was submitted by the Community Financial services Association of 2013年6月20日的美国,亚搏体育官方网站 responded  2013年8月19日. cfsa 提起上诉 局长的回应 on sep. 2013年18日,该局 denied on nov. 18, 2013.
  • 第二个请求 是由Advance America 现金预付中心公司. 2016年7月19日,亚搏体育官方网站 responded  on sep. 13, 2016.


该局努力确保和最大限度地提高质量, objectivity, 偏好, 和完整性 of the information that it disseminates to the public. The Bureau strives to incorporate information quality criteria into its information dissemination practices, and ensures the quality of information the agency disseminates in accordance with the standards set forth in these Guidelines. The Bureau is committed to integrating the principle of information quality into its development of information, 包括创建, collection, 消耗品, 以及此类信息的传播. 本局将遵守所有法律和政策规定, regulations, directives, 以及管理过程任何阶段的指导. High quality information represents a performance goal for organizational components of the Bureau who are charged with disseminating information.

确保并最大限度地提高信息质量, the standards should focus on the three underlying requirements for quality: 偏好, objectivity, 以及信息的完整性.

  • 偏好: In assessing the usefulness of information disseminated to the public, the Bureau will consider how the public will use the information. When transparency of information is relevant to an assessment of the public’s perception of its usefulness, 主席团将解决透明度问题, obvious, and precise nature of the data or analysis – when developing and reviewing information.
  • objectivity: The Bureau will consider whether disseminated information is accurate, clear, complete, 在表述和内容上都没有偏见. 资料将在适当的背景下呈现. 在适当的地方, 资料将随附完整, accurate, 和透明的文档, 并将披露影响其质量的错误来源. Analytic results will be generated using sound statistical and research methods.
  • integrity: The Bureau will protect information from unauthorized access or revision, 防止腐化或伪造资料. The Bureau will comply with government-wide security requirements when disseminating information.

主席团将努力确保主席团散发的统计和财务数据能够由独立的评价人员大量复制, 受某种程度的不精确影响. 主席团还将提供资料来源, methods, procedures, references, and assumptions employed to create information disseminated by the Bureau.

用于财务或统计信息, "有影响力"一词的定义,一般是指局长确定,信息的传播将对重要的公共政策或重要的私营部门决定产生或确实产生明确和实质性的影响. 主席团的组织组成部分在制定传播程序时,应对什么构成"有影响力"的信息作出适当定义. When information is determined by an organization component to be “influential,“将实施额外的审查, 包括保证信息是可复制的.


The Bureau has drafted the following guidelines to promulgate its quality standards and formalize its correction mechanism. 这些政策和程序力求确保向公众提供的资料和数据的质素是准确和适当的,并符合本局内部对效用的定义, objectivity, 和完整性.

This guidance should be used to ensure and maximize the quality of information disseminated by the Bureau. 该局的指导方针是以管理和预算办公室的指导方针为基础的. The guidelines are not intended to be legally binding regulations or mandates. 这些规定不具法律效力,亦不会为本局或公众创造任何法律权利或强加任何具有法律约束力的规定或义务. Nothing in these guidelines affects any otherwise available judicial review of agency action.


本局指引一经公布即生效. The guidelines cover information disseminated on or after publication of the guidelines, 不管信息是什么时候开始传播的.

Organizational components should use these guidelines to develop processes for disseminating quality information. The guidelines apply to information disseminated to the public in any medium, 包括文本, graphic, narrative, numerical, 或视听形式. The guidelines apply to information that the Bureau posts on the internet. The guidelines also apply to Bureau-sponsored distribution of information – that is, 在本局指示下由第三者分发的任何资料,或本局有权在公布前审阅及批准的资料. The guidelines do not extend to Bureau interpretations of data and information.

The guidelines do not override other compelling interests such as privacy, 商业秘密, 知识产权, 以及其他保密保护措施. The guidelines do not apply to hyperlinks to information disseminated by others. 如果主席团的陈述清楚表明该材料是一种意见或主席团的意见而非事实,则准则不适用于该意见. In addition, the guidelines do not apply to information disseminated in the following contexts:

  • Dissemination of information limited to government employees or agency contractors or grantees;
  • Dissemination of information intended to be limited to intra-or inter-agency use or sharing of government information;
  • 与个别人士的通信, 档案记录, 公共文件, 传票或裁决程序;
  • Response to requests for agency records under the Freedom of Information Act, or other similar laws.



Information quality is integral to every step of the development of information, 从它的创作到它的收藏, 消耗品, 和传播. Organizational components of Bureau are expected to develop processes for reviewing the quality, 包括客观性, 偏好, 和完整性, 在信息被传播之前. The processes should substantiate the quality of the information disseminated through documentation or other means appropriate to the information.

The Bureau will disseminate information that meets high standards as confirmed by stringent internal review and approval processes. The Bureau will produce information products that are presented in an unbiased, clear, complete, 和记录的方式. It will utilize highly reliable review sources for corroboration of information, 并将酌情征求公众意见. 专门调查和同行审查将在调查设计和实施的所有方面采用符合普遍接受的行业标准的方法. The Bureau will make both original and supporting data and the source of the data available to the public when appropriate. The Bureau will utilize transparent methods consistent with its obligation to protect proprietary or confidential information. The Bureau will subject all information to editing and review.

The Bureau will regularly review information output products to ensure their current 偏好 to the public.


该局遵守行政管理和预算局的《皇冠app下载》(PRA)审批程序,以提高该局收集和向公众传播的信息的质量. The PRA requires the Bureau to demonstrate the “practical 偏好” of a proposed collection of information that Bureau plans to disseminate. 该局还将在向行政管理及预算局提交的PRA许可文件中证明,拟议的信息收集将产生将被收集的信息, maintained, and used in a way consistent with the OMB and Bureau information quality guidelines.


任何人士如认为本局所散发的资料不符合行政管理及预算局或本局的指引,可向本局提出“第515条投诉”,要求更正有关资料. The process for filing a complaint is intended to be flexible, appropriate to the nature and timeliness of the disseminated information, and incorporated into the Bureaus’ information resources management and administrative practices.

  • 投诉过程. 投诉可以邮寄的方式提出, 个人交付, 电子邮件, 或使用以下亚搏体育官方网站传真:

mail: 首席信息办公室

email: CFPB_IQ_Submissions@cfpb.gov


  • 改正要求必须包括:
    • A statement that the individual is submitting a complaint pursuant to section 515 of public Law 106-554;
    • 联系信息, 包括名字, 邮寄地址, 电话及电邮地址, and the name of any organization with which the individual is affiliated;
    • Identification and description of the information or data the individual is seeking to have corrected, including, for example, the number or title of the document(s) in which the information appears, 发布日期, or the URL of the web page on which the information was disseminated by the Bureau;
    • A statement of the reasons for believing that the information or data is in error, including a statement of what the individual believes the correct information or data to be and how the information should be corrected;
    • A statement of how the disseminated information affects the individual.
  • privacy policy: The Bureau is authorized to collect the information provided under Section 515, 44 U.S.C. § 3516. The information is necessary to process any request for correction of information disseminated by Bureau. 个人不需要提供信息, but failure to do so may prevent the request for correction from being processed. The information provided will rarely be used for any purpose other than to process and respond to a request; however, the Bureau may disclose information to other federal entities such as Congress or the Department of Justice if required to do so by federal law.
  • The individual filing the complaint has the responsibility to clearly present the basis for the section 515 complaint. The Bureau may determine that the complaint does not meet the threshold requirements for processing, either because required elements are not addressed or because the allegations are too vague for the Bureau to take action. 举证责任落在提出投诉的个人身上,以表明他或她是受影响的一方,以及信息需要更改. An individual whose complaint is rejected may file an appeal in accordance with the procedures set forth below.

The Bureau will respond to a complaint and/or request for correction in writing within 60 days of receipt. If additional time beyond 60 days is required, the Bureau will notify the petitioner. 投诉经理将审查投诉的正式充分性,并确定评估和回应每一投诉的适当组织. 负责传播资料的组织组成部分将决定是否提出了充分的案件,要求纠正投诉中确定的资料和或数据.


If a petitioner is not satisfied with the Bureau response to a Section 515 complaint, the petitioner may administratively appeal the initial decision. 任何这类呼吁必须在收到初步决定后30个日历天内提交分发资料的组织部门. The appeal must identify the original request for correction and describe how the Bureau response failed to resolve the request. 上诉将由初步审查员以外的一名对要求改正的资料有组织知识的局官员进行评价. Bureau will respond to the appeal in writing within 60 calendar days of receipt. If the response will require an extended period for review, the Bureau will notify the petitioner.

Requests concerning information on which the Bureau sought public comments

本指引所载的更正及上诉程序并不适用于本局透过综合公众谘询程序(e.g., 拟议规则制定的联邦纪事通知, 监管分析, and requests for comments on information collections subject to the Paperwork Reduction Act. 在大多数情况下, comments concerning the quality of the disseminated information can be addressed through these procedures, such as by responding to a request for correction of the information in the preamble to a final rule. 在不同寻常的情况下, the Bureau may determine that earlier consideration of such comments in accordance with these guidelines would be appropriate. for example, 在这些指南所规定的程序应该使用如果评论者已经显示出一个合理的实际遭受伤害的可能性,如果评论之前不解决发行最终行动和局确定的解决这件事按照这些指导方针不会过度延迟最后的行动.

本局会定期检讨已向公众发放的皇冠app下载产品,以确保其质素继续达到高水准, 包括客观性, 偏好, 和完整性.



  • Provide management and oversight to the Bureau-wide implementation of the guidelines
  • develop and issue final Bureau information quality guidelines and post them on the Bureau website
  • Coordinate appropriate component guidance development with affected organizational units
  • 向行政管理和预算司司长报告关于遵守传播信息质量准则的投诉的数量和性质,以及如何解决这些投诉


  • Designate a point of contact for compliance with the information quality processes within their organization
  • develop, if necessary, information quality standards for ensuring and maximizing quality, objectivity, 偏好, 以及信息的完整性, 包括统计信息, 与这些指导方针一致
  • 指定负责审查和决定投诉初审的人员和负责审查和决定申诉的人员


Bureau will consider public comments received in response to publication of these draft guidelines, 并将修订后的指引提交行政管理和预算局审核. Bureau will post notice of the availability of final guidelines in the Federal Register and post the final guidelines approved by OMB on its website. 政策局每年会向行政管理及预算局提交报告,说明接获的有关机构合规性的投诉数目和性质,以及如何解决这些投诉.